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Hello, we are Life Stream Systems LLC. Our brand name is called Life Stream.

Life Stream consists of online localized systems in the broswer that enhance our travelling users local experience.

By using any Life Stream products and / or services you agree that you are 18 years of age or older. Life Stream and all products and services is owned and operated by Life Stream Systems LLC. In using Life Stream products and / or services you grant Life Stream Systems LLC all rights to use, distribute, modify, and delete any and all content uploaded to and from Life Stream products and / or services. You also agree to our terms of service, community rules, and privacy policy.

Life Stream

Life Stream Systems LLC
local online systems

Come explore the world of Life Stream and learn more about your local area with our online operating system. Using Life Stream is a lot like using a regular computer system. Life Stream users upload content, data, and files to one central local system (per area code). Any user who enters the area has the same system as ever other user in that area.

Users can then send mail, hold conferences, make calls, open and play music, read books, have the ability to view local data and content, and really immerse themselves in localization.

Users have the ability to at their own discretion purchase an admin account that will open up profile information, additional functionality, and the ability to create private and password protected systems.

When users create private and password protected systems they are enabled to have an environment totally of their own. Users can have ready to go systems at a fraction of the cost of maintaining their own in house systems.

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Viruses, and other malware dont exist in Life Stream. Users have all their local content and data securely sandboxed within their browser. As users that use our system will come to know that both our system and the browser are working hard to give them the most secure system experience possible.

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no updates

No more long waiting for updates. Our engineers work hard to update our systems in the background while offering our users the highest level of stability and security of Life Stream. This means while you are using Life Stream (or not)... Life Stream will update itself while you enjoy everything local.

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Local files, content, and data. Life Stream is an open and public operating system. Users will have the option of opting in and purchasing an Admin Account in order to create private systems... but Life Stream out of the box comes with local area in mind. While using Life Stream our users will be able to see everything happening locally.



Purchase an admin account today and unlock new features, settings, and capabilities.

Premium Accounts

Here are the listings of premium services that we provide.

Life OS System License

$4 a month

Bypass our demo restrictions on our Life OS software. $4 a month enables you to continue interacting with our systems after 100 logins.

Stream View Online License

$3 a month

Explore our Stream View system (SVO) without your trial period ending. $3 a month enables you to come explore your local area with us.

Web Master License

$5 a month

This license enables an admin user to have up to 5 Tree Hub domains, 30 Seed Pages, and 120 image and / or text content.

Download Instructions

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Life OS

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Life Stream Systems LLC is allowed to modify, delete, and add any and all data within Life Stream products and services.

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